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11 August 2012 @ 11:41 am
In case anyone is wondering whatever happened to the Heroes mafia game, we packed up and relocated to twop_mafia.  Please join us there; I'm going to lock down comments on this Journal since all we get now is Spam.

Also,the Mafia game thread itself is in The Rec Room at TWoP.  If you're reading this, we'd love to have you come join us!

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OK, here are the categories. Please reply to this thread (or email me via TWoP) with any nominations you wish to make. You can make as many nominations as you wish between now and January 18th; the only rule for eligibility is the round must have finished in 2009. That means that the current round being run by stills and kimmy isn't eligible. There is a list of completed rounds on the Profile page for this community.

Here are the categories:
Moderator Awards

  • Best Overall Round
  • Best Original Power (given for a uniquely creative power)
  • Best Storyline
  • Best single "episode"
  • Best death scene
  • Favorite clue
  • Best Mod
Player Awards
  • Best Hero (Single Round)
  • Best Villain (Single Round)
  • Best Ghost
  • Best Overall Player
Mod Or Player (Or Everyone Involved) Awards

  • Best moment
  • Worst moment
  • Best WTF moment
  • Worst WTF moment
  • Best escape from death
  • Best nighttime diversion
  • Most epic day
03 December 2009 @ 11:34 pm
Hi everyone,
If you scroll down the page, you'll see the original Mafia '08 Awards list. I am way behind where I was last year in terms of getting things going, so we'll have to see what timetable we have to work with. The first step, again, is to update the categories. Here is the list we went with last year; any suggestions for new categories are welcome. Again, I suggest we dispense with any mean ones, since we're all friends. Reply to this thread with any suggestions, or email me via TWoP.

Moderator Awards
  • Best Overall Round
  • Best Storyline
  • Best single "episode"
  • Best death scene
  • Favorite clue
  • Best Mod

Player Awards
  • Best Hero (Single Round)
  • Best Villain (Single Round)
  • Best Ghost
  • Best Overall Player

Mod Or Player (Or Everyone Involved) Awards
  • Best moment
  • Worst moment
  • Best WTF moment
  • Worst WTF moment
  • Best escape from death
  • Best nighttime diversion
  • Most epic day
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17 October 2009 @ 09:04 pm


Peter jumped to his feet, brandishing crackling sparks of electricity between his fingers as though preparing himself for a fight. He saw who had entered the room, though, and lowered his arms. "Ma!" he whined. "You didn't even knock!"

Angela had a harried-looking Nathan in her claw-like grip. "It doesn't take a precog to know that you and your brother don't want to have anything to do with this," she said tersely.

"So why do you keep dragging us along?" Nathan huffed.

"Your mother is an old woman. I'm going to die soon. You wouldn't deny an old lady the pleasure of spending time with her sons, would you?"

Peter admitted, if a bit ungraciously, that he couldn't deny her that. He shot her a murderous glare and grabbed his jacket.

"Everyone ready? We're going to be late!" Noah Bennet called out. Sandra and Mr. Muggles stood happily in the doorway. Claire bounced down the stairs, beaming. She kissed her parents and Muggles on the cheek. "Is my favorite puppy in the world ready to play?" she cooed.

Sandra scratched the pampered pomeranian behind the ears. "Oh, yes, he is!"

At the head of the stairs, Lyle watched the scene unfold with increasing distaste. He rubbed his eyes sleepily. "It is seven a.m. on a Sunday morning, Dad," he said defiantly. "I am not giving up a perfectly good day of sleep and video games to hang out with the freaks. Thanks, but no thanks."

Noah's face darkened, but before he could act, Sandra grabbed Lyle by the ear and dragged him painfully back to his bedroom to change out of his pajamas.

The Bennet family, including Lyle, pulled out of the driveway fifteen minutes later, and not one of them noticed the eyes watching them through the curtains in the living room. Sylar caught sight of himself in the decorative mirror on the wall and scowled menacingly at his reflection. "Mama Petrelli is throwing a party, and it looks like everybody's invited except for me. They'll pay for that!" he vowed in a rather cliched manner.

On his way out of the house, he ducked into Claire's bathroom and borrowed a squirt of her mousse. One of his eyebrows had gone flat.

Bob stalked the Company's bowels for half an hour before he finally found his daughter happily arcing electricity across an empty cell.

"We're going to be late!" he blustered.

Elle rolled her eyes and pointed to the wall behind her. "Oh, would you relax? I didn't forget." She walked indifferently out the door, toward the Company Car.

The alchemist read the words scorched into the old concrete cell wall: "8:00 am -- The Company Picnic."

Current Sign-Up List
  1. iliveTV
  2. The Mad Maple
  3. SonicYouth
  4. euphonium42
  5. dreamingwriter

  1. There will be one clue pointing toward the villains or serial killer in each story (both Day and Night)
  2. There is no communicating outside of the thread unless you are specifically instructed that you can do so
  3. Days and Nights will each last 48 hours
  4. You are not allowed to out yourself or anyone else
  5. You are not allowed to out your power or anyone else's
  6. The first four heroes to die will have a second chance to play. Sorry villains, but you stay dead.
Other Mod-ly Information

Due to a crazy schedule of varsity volleyball practice and games, and the fact that I'm in my senior year at a college preparatory school, posting of the Day/Night stories might get a little...erratic. I just feel the need to warn you.

Also, because this round takes place at a company picnic (obviously ;] ), in actuality the breaks between Day and Night periods in the game would not take days in-story, but for the sake of simplicity and clarity of gameplay, we'll just keep it Day and Night. Just know that there isn't actually days and nights passing in-story.

I have a cool twist I'm adding to this game if the right actions line up. Unfortunately I can't tell you what those actions are - I just wanted to mention it so there's proof I'm not throwing curveballs out of nowhere.

There'll be more added here as I think about it, I'm sure. Let me know what you think, or if you'd like to sign up to play!
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28 March 2009 @ 10:37 pm

 <lj-cut>THE WEDDING
Modly note: Just as a note, yes I've completely ignored cannon of the show for some of this mafia and made it fit the way I want things to go. Some people's power's may be different, and I've completely made up my own version of the villain story line. I choose to think of it as “the other side of level 5 that you never saw on the show.” :) Some things may be similar to the show and other's won't be anything like it at all. Just think of it as Rebellious Mod's version of Heroes!

Elle Bishop and Rollo Fusor

In a hotel room somewhere....
Finally her happy day was coming. The day every girl waits for Elle Bishop was getting married! There was so much to do in preparation it was hard to decide where to begin! But first and most importantly she had to kiss the groom! With a resounding smack she awoke Rollo Fusor with a through kiss.

“Good Morning, my groom!” she said in a sultry whisper.

You should wake me every morning like that, except next time kiss a little lower.” he said with a wink and wag of his eyebrows.

“Well you and your libido will have to wait because I have far too much to do for the wedding tomorrow! Everyone is going to be there. I just wish my old friends like Peter and Niki and Noah could have been here too.”

But there was no time to think of all that when she had to meet her bridesmaids in 1 hour for the final dress fitting. And later for a bachlorette party that hopefully none of them will forget!

Elle Bishop, Gillian, Connie Logan, Lily and Abigail

Bride's Maid shop

As Elle walked up to the dress shop she found her three bridesmaid's Gillian, Connie, Lily and Abigail already waiting for her. “I can't believe you're getting married finally Elle! And I finally saw the dress it's gorgeous, you'll look just like a fairy princess on her way to the ball.,” said Gillian.

The four girls walked into the shoppe arm in arm and giggling. This was going to be a wedding to remember.

But first they had to get Elle out of this wedding gown and into her party clothes! For there were games and
drinks to be had tonight!

Dawning her homemade veil for the night adorned with all sorts of lewd suggestion for the bride to accomplish that night they set off for a night on the town and were set on Elle accomplishing them all!

Rollo Fusor, Marcus, Ricardo Silva, Brendan Lewis, and Michael Fitzgerald

A bar somewhere later that night

Marcus drove up to the hotel with Ricardo, Brendan and Michael all piled in the SUV with him. Tonight they were kidnapping Rollo and getting him piss drunk. It's his last night of freedom and they were determined for him to celebrate it for exactly what it was.... a ball and chain being secured to his leg. Even if it was a particularly cute and feisty ball and chain.

Barging into the room they found Rollo passed out out the bed. Marcus and Ricardo quickly secured his arms and legs while Brendan blindfolded him. Rollo awoke with a start and began struggling against his restraints. A voice told him “Don't fight it, this'll be easier if you just go with it.” He continued struggling trying to get free.

Once they were all back in the car and on their way the pulled the blind fold free. Rollo saw all his friends and groomsmen, and was momentarily stunned. Michael was the first to speak “You'd never have come if we hadn't done it this way. And one way or another your getting your bachelor paty.” He said sheepishly. Rollo just laughed and nodded “well untie me then I can't very well walk and participate tied up like this!”

And with that they were happily on their way to party the night away...
16 years earlier......................

Stephen Canefield, Perrin Crocker, Will, Eric Doyle, and Linda Tavara

Level 5

Primatech Research facility
A two year old Stephen Canefield sat scared tied down to a gurney. He couldn't see straight the men had stuck something in his arm and it made everything all fuzzy. This wasn't right he just wanted to go home. He didn't know what was wrong with him. His speech slurred he tried to explain

“ I'm sorry I don't know how I did it, I won't make the sucking holes anymore. I'll make them stop I'll hold them in. I promise!! Please just take me home I'll be a good boy. I won't hurt anyone anymore.”

No one in the room spoke he just heard a small drill like sound and suddenly there was a searing pain on his arm he cried and screamed for what seemed like hours as they tattooed his whole arm. Until finally scared and sniffling he was tossed into a closed room with several other people. He didn't know who they were only that everyone here had only hurt him. He curled himself into a ball and rocked back and forth. Muttering over and over “I'll be good, I'll be good I promise I just wanna go home.”

Perrin slowly approached the child, he'd never seen them bring in someone so young. He must be a truly powerful little boy to be brought here at such a young age.

“Hey there, my name's Perrin, what's yours?”

When he got no response he decided that he would try what he could to ease the child's fears.

“Don't be scared no one in here will hurt you. They took us all away from our homes and families. We want the same thing as you, to just go home already.”

Linda looked curiously at the young boy across the room. His Aura was strong she could gain a lot by taking him. Yes he would make her strong indeed. But not just yet she may need him and the others to get out of this place. Because she would get out.

The boy looked up at Perrin, “I'm Stephen, can you take me home?”

Will laughed, “Ha kid he can't take you home any better than the rest of us can get home. You seem to be stuck here just like the rest of us.”

Eric Doyl glared at Will, “you know if they hadn't suppressed my powers I would shut that big mouth of yours right now.!”

“Yeah and I'd grind you to a bloody pulp, just for kicks.”

Donald rolled his eyes “can't we all just shut up if we have any hope of getting out of here we need to work together. Otherwise we're all screwed here.”

Perrin and the boy continued chatting in the corner. He was so young he would protect this young boy from them the best he could. “You have the mark too!” Stephen whispered touching Perrin's arm where they had tattooed the same strange insignia on him as they had Stephen. “Yes we all have them, it's how they mark us as the most dangerous to them. They think we'll hurt them if we're free so they marked us all so they could tell at a glance what we are.”

But soon they would be out of here and the tattoos would be nothing more than that, a stupid tattoo that covered each of their arms from shoulder to wrist.

For weeks they worked together formulating a plan to combat the pills they forced them to take and to escape this place together.

Until the day came and the opportunity Eric took control of all the guards in the hall and Perrin grabbed the boy as will knocked guards and anyone who came near them out of the way as they all ran for the exit. Once they reached the door they ran for the forest, and just before they disappeared Stephen opened a vortex and sucked the whole facility into it.

They would never be coming back here again. But in the rush of wind form the vortex and the hurry to escape Stephen somehow got lost. Perrin looked everywhere for him. But he never found him that night.

Present day
a house somewhere in the slums of the city...

Perrin Crocker had been in touch with them all, Eric, Will, Donald and even Linda. None of them knew what had happened to little Stephen that night long ago. Perrin had never stopped looking, he heard that Stephen had been adopted by a nice young family when he was found on the side of the road by a police officer. The only reason he knew it was Stephen was because they mentioned the tattoo. He hadn't been able to find that family as of yet. He missed Stephen they had formed a bond and he had promised him that he would take care of him. He was determined to find him again and keep that promise if he could.</lj-cut>

09 March 2009 @ 12:29 am
I have been informed that the multiple-award-winning Bangela video can be found here. Other videos in the series are here and here. Relive the memories, or discover anew the wonder!
Prologue Part 1  (Krooked)


Charles Westmoreland and Arthur Petrelli: The Westmoreland Mansion: Washington DC

Charles Westmoreland, twisting his ancient ring on his fingers, rose from his seat, steadying himself on the arm of his chair. He reached to his ashtray and took his newly lit cigarette out. He took another inhale of his cigarette and then vaporised the rest of it in his palm.

“Petrelli,” he croaked, “What do you suggest?”

Arthur Petrelli, who was on one knee in front of Charles, also rose, to look Charles in the eye.

“I suggest you let me do what I do best, Godfather.” He said with a crooked smile.



   Agatha DiPaolo and Angela Rose: Starbucks: New York City

“You realise you cannot keep this from him forever?” Agatha chimed.

“I do,” a twenty-something year old Angela replied, purposely not making eye contact, “and I also know that if you told Adam... Well, I know what will happen, and I implore you to reconsider.”



Present Day: 2009

Charles Westmoreland and Arthur Petrelli: The Westmoreland Mansion: Manhattan

“You have served me with loyalty and compassion throughout my life,” Charles wheezed, “and now that it is coming to an end, I would like to make you Godfather.”

Arthur made a serious effort to control his face. Keep it neutral.

“Thank you, Godfather,” Arthur finally replied, “I will keep my sons at my side. I have so many plans.”

“Times have changed since your father made me Godfather, things do not turn like they used to. Obviously, things can be bought. Just a few million in the right places and nobody asks questions. But,” Charles said, “Some people need to be killed, as usual. Some people who can see the future.”

“NO!” Arthur shouted, “NOT MY WIFE.”

“Did you hear me mention Angela’s name? No.” Charles answered his own question.

“WELL WHO THEN?” Arthur shouted again, still agitated.

“That’s for you to figure out now. You are in charge of the company. The Family,” Charles paused, “The Don.”

With that, Charles took the ring off his finger on placed it into Arthur’s palm. He leant forward to kiss his head. Then he lay back down in the room he had spent most of his life in, bowed his head once and vaporised himself into darkness. Then nothing.

Arthur Petrelli stood up and straightened his suit. He looked at himself in the mirror, combed his hair through once with the comb, already waiting there in the gold bowl directly underneath the mirror. Then he sat down into the chair, the chair he had took all his orders from. But now he was giving orders that nobody could undermine. He sat straight and pressed a red button.



Adam, Eva and William Monroe, Daphne and Matt Parkman, Maya Herrara, Ando Nagasaki and Tracy Straus: The Monroe Mansion: Washington DC

“We will,” they all, except Adam, William, and Eva, said in unison, “enter into this secret organization to protect my family and to protect my brothers and sisters with my blood, and the blood of all the saints, and the souls of my children. I swear not to divulge this secret and to obey with love and omerta. We enter alive into this organization and leave it only in death. We will obey you, Don Monroe, until we are dismissed or we die.”

“Excellent,” Adam said, reminding himself irresistibly of Mr Burns, “and so we begin.”


Claude Raines: New York City

“Yes, I’m heading there now,” Claude groaned as the person on the phone hassled him, “I’m about a block away. Will you hold?”

The person on the phone agreed, and Claude went invisible. The weather today was terrible, haze and rain everywhere, gray to match how Claude was feeling. He sped up and 30 seconds later, he reached his destination. He jumped over the fence and headed towards the front door, throwing a brick at the window as he passed it. Within seconds, 3 men, presumably Associates, as Claude did not recognise them, came bursting out armed with AK47’s. Claude then slipped through the otherwise locked door without any trouble.

He went up the stairs and into the main meeting room, which door was closed. Claude pulled out his phone and turned it off hold.

“Any ideas on how to get through a stronghold Mafia door?” he asked in his snidy British accent.

“Knock?” answered back the voice.

“Okay, I’m going to do my job now.” Claude hung up the phone.

Claude knocked and waited, still in the safety of invisibility, for the door to open.

As Claude expected, one of the associates opened the door. There was no way that they would send a consigliore or a capo to open the door.

“There’s no-one there,” the associate said, “What the fuck?”

Claude entered the room silently just before it was shut, and he got his phone out once more.

He silently took pictures of everyone in the room. All of Don Petrelli’s Mafia

When he was done, he put them all in an email from his phone, and sent the email to Noah Bennett.




Arthur, Peter, Nathan, Sylar Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh, Claire Bennett, Hiro Nakamura, Niki Sanders, Elle Bishop, Jasper Cullen and Monica Dawson: the recently renamed Westmoreland mansion, the Petrelli Mansion: New York City

Arthur Petrelli looked around at the people in the room. His son Peter was sat on his right hand side, as Peter was the heir to the family. Sylar, his adoptive son, was sat to the left. Nathan looked bitterly at his two brothers, particularly at Sylar, who Nathan thought was sat at the place he should be.

Hiro, Niki, Elle, Monica and Mohinder were new to the family. They had just done the oaths and they were now being given their roles.

“Mohinder,” Don began, “Monica and Niki are the new Caporegime’s.”

Nathan’s head suddenly snapped up.

“Godfather,” he whined, “I’m the Capo.”

“Relax Nathan, what, did you think I would kick you out onto the street? Replace you? You are my first son. Anyway, you are promoted to Underboss. You are in charge of the new Capo’s. Jasper, you too. You will work along-side Nathan and help each other with issues. Okay?”

“Thank you, Godfather.” Jasper and Nathan said at the same time.

‘Great,’ thought Nathan, ‘another person to contend with.’

“Peter, Sylar,” Don continued, “You will be my eyes and ears when I’m not around. You guys answer to no-one but me. Congratulations Peter. This is a new position for you, much more responsibility. I trust you are up to the job?”

“Of course, Godfather!” Peter said enthusiastically.

“Sylar, nothing has changed for you, but I trust you will continue to handle your business properly and execute your jobs and responsibilities faithfully, even though you now have to share your job?”

“You make it sound like a swearing in ceremony Dad.” Sylar said with a smile.

“Right now, the rest of you will be Soldiers until I, or the Consigliore’s, say you can be promoted. Do remember though, you take orders from everyone in this room. You do not, I repeat, YOU DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FROM ANYBODY OUTSIDE THIS ROOM. YOU DO NOT TELL ANYBODY OUTSIDE THIS ROOM WHAT YOU ARE THINKING, WHAT YOU ARE FEELING. THIS ROOM, AND THE PEOPLE INSIDE IT ARE NOW YOUR FAMILY. YOU WILL PROTECT THEM WITH YOUR LIFE. IF ANYBODY HAS A PROBLEM WITH THIS, I SUGGEST YOU LEAVE NOW,” Arthur stopped shouting, “Does everyone understand?”

Everyone in the room silently nodded except one Associate.

“I’m sorry,” Peter started, “Is there a problem with my father’s rules?”

The young man said, “Yes, I do not agree with your ethics or your father’s ethics.”

Peter reacted as soon as the word ‘agree’ had been said. He pulled a gun out of his holster and fired 5 times at his head.

The Associate was unharmed, Peter forgot the young man’s power was that he had skin of iron, nothing could pierce it. The Associate pulled out his own gun and fired at Peter and everyone in the room acted at once, presumably because Peter was sat so close to The Don.

Sylar was the first to react, as Peter was shocked and temporarily stunned. The young man was pinned up against the wall so fast that nobody had even charged up their ability.

The young man was obviously scared, but he remained smarmy.

“Now what, Sylar? My head can’t be cut open like other people. How are you going to kill me?”

Sylar went into full creep mode and replied, “Like this...”

Don Petrelli stood up and walked towards the young man. He placed his hands on his chest and sucked his ability out.

‘A useful one, Impenetrable skin.’ Arthur thought.

Sylar smiled at the young man and waved an obvious ‘goodbye’ wave.

The man started with a panicky, “No, no NOOOOOOOO!” And with that, the top of his head was on the floor, and his body bleeding next to it.

Don Petrelli straightened his suit, sat back down and said, “Any more questions?”




Angela Petrelli, Noah Bennett and Claude Raines: The driveway of the Bennett Household: Costa Verde

“Leave the gun, take the lasagne,” Angela instructed to Noah, “there will be no need for a gun in here, it’s been cleared. The whole house.”

They all entered the house together, Claude as always, lagging behind, invisible. They went into Noah’s den and sat around the table. Noah hooked up his laptop to the Over Head Projector so everyone could see what was on his screen. They were photos of everyone in Don Petrelli’s Mafia, and Don Monroe’s Mafia

There was silence as Claude and Angela studied the pictures. Noah had sent Angela to take the pictures of Don Monroe’s family, and Claude to Petrelli’s.

Finally, after a minute or so, someone spoke.

“So as you can imagine,” Noah said, “we will be approached soon. There is only me, you, Ted and you, Claude that have not been recruited. Candace is dead. Eden, Meredith, dead. What will our choices be?”

“Stick to the plan,” Claude replied, “we needn’t join anyone.”

Angela finally spoke, “This is going to be messy, I can see it now. Lots of death, lots of destruction.”

They all looked at each other and prayed Angela was wrong.




PART 2  (iliveTV)

Don Arthur Petrelli, Peter and Sylar Petrelli: Petrelli Mansion: New York City

“Boys” Don began, “I've been hearing things from people, things that disturb me.”
“Tell us boss,” Peter and Sylar said in unison.
“Now see the problem is, I have enough to worry about with the Monroe family. Their numbers are rising and we need to put an end to this feud.”
“Families are always rising or falling in America, right?” Sylar said quietly.
He barely got the words out of mouth before Arthur flung him across the room into the wall, hard.
“Now, I was speaking, and you better learn to let a man finish his thought.” Arthur barked. “I have enough to worry about with the Monroe family and someone is going around town killing whomever they please carrying out their own agenda. You two are supposed to be my eyes and my ears, you should already have this taken care of for me. I've started with the plan to eliminate the Monroe’s' and the last thing we need is someone messing this up for us.”
“We will take care of everything Don,” Sylar started, “Should we kill the vigilante or do you want him?”
“Soon my sons, we will be the only family left, bring him to me.”


Claire Bennett, Hiro Nakamura and Niki Sanders: Outside of the Monroe mansion: Washington DC

“How long are we going to sit here?” Claire complained. “Nothing is happening.”
“We've only been here for 6 hours, Claire. How long would you expect it to take to win a war?”
“I'm not stupid Niki, I know this is war. Nothing is happening, we've been here all this time and nothing has happened. There must be something else we can do that would be more helpful.”
“Claire you've been part of this family much longer than I have so you should know how this works, we were told to sit here and report anything that happens. That is what we will do until a boss tells us otherwise,” Hiro said.
“Look someone is coming out, who is that?”
“It's only Monica,. I don't know her well but I know she knows my father, Noah.”

“Claire, she was at the inauguration this morning...”

“What is she doing here? Betraying us?”
“How the hell should I know, call Don Petrelli. NOW!”



Adam, Eva and William Monroe (and Matt Parkman hidden away in a cupboard): The Monroe Mansion: Washington DC

“What do you think Don, will she join us?”
“This wasn't about her joining us, this was so we could find out what he is thinking.” Adam replied, gesturing to the cupboard in which Matt had been hiding to read Monica’s mind.

“We need her powers but I don't think we can't trust her, she has her own agenda. We will continue with the plan for now and maybe later we will reach out to Ted.”
“I'll get everybody together.”
Adam looked over at his wife, “Yes Eva, Please do.”


Claude Rains and Monica Dawson: An alley not far from the Monroe Mansion: Washington DC

Claude had been following Monica for almost an hour now. That was what Angela and Noah wanted him to do, but he had his own agenda. She seemed the weakest of the new members of the Petrelli family, maybe she'll slip up and give him something. Help him understand what the Don's plans are.
“I know your following me, I can sense you, somewhere.” She said aloud. “Tell me what you want and I'll let you make it out of this alley alive, show yourself.”
“I want to know why you’re doing this.” Claude said as he made himself visible. “Why did you join the Petrelli family? Do you believe in their cause?”
“Why do you care?”
“I just want to understand.” He replied.
“People are dying everywhere, I can't ignore this war, its happening. I want to be on the winning side, safety in numbers.”
“That's the problem with you people, your gavone. You flaunt your powers to the world, you like to be in the limelight. There are no winners in war, only more reasons to fight.” And he went invisible.
“That was seriously creepy.” She said to herself as she continued to her destination. He was gone, she could feel it.
Claude pulled out his gun and fired twice. Before she could hit send on her phone she was swimming with the fishes.





PART 3   (Krooked)

Jasper Cullen, Claire Bennett and Ted Sprague: In an Illusion


Ted Sprague walked out of the Monroe mansion feeling good. He nearly went in the main room when he overheard Adam's conversation. As left, he walked down an alley and saw Monica Dawson lying on the floor, two bullets through her head. She had been killed by company, no doubt. This kind of killing was ruthless. Executioner style.

He went for his phone and suddenly the entire alley dissolved and he was stood in the middle of a rainforest in Brazil.

“What the hell?” he shouted into the emptiness, seeing his phone dissapear.

“Your trapped until you tell us everything we want to know.” A cold voice said from behind him

“Ted,” Claire started, “Just give us what you want, and we'll let you go on your way.”

“Join us, Ted.” Jasper said, chilling Ted to his core.


Don Petrelli, Sylar Petrelli, Claire Bennett and Jasper Cullen: The Petrelli Mansion: New York City

“Well?” Don started as soon as Jasper shut the door

“Well I made him an offer he couldn't ----”

Suddenly, Jasper was flung across the room, knocking the wind out of him.

“That's my father's line, Cullen.” a voice even colder than Jasper's spat.

“So he agreed?” Don said, ignoring his adoptive son.

“He did, godfather,” Jasper got up to his feet, knelt down and kissed Arthur's ring while Sylar stood gloomily in the corner.


Claude Rains: The Petrelli Mansion: Manhattan

'So Noah was right,' Claude thought, 'there is a war going on, and all specials are being recruited.'

Claude came to the huge maple doors and grabbed the stupidly expensive gold handle. He shimmered his invisibility on, loaded his gun, and entered the room silently.

He shot the first thing he saw, which was Don Arthur Petrelli. The force of the Magnum blew Arthur through the window, and as he fell, his ring fell off his finger and Sylar caught it. Claude knew through Sylar's expression, (and knowing that Sylar could hear the heartbeat of his father if Arthur had still been alive) that Arthur was dead.

Sylar pointed in the direction of the door, sealing Claude in. He had deadly vengeance on his face. Claire Bennett stood petrified, not at all mafia like. Why did they let a woman enter the mafia? Jasper Cullen let out a loud hiss, and bent his knee's, and showed his gleaming teeth ready to sink them into whoever had shot the gun.

Sylar pointed to the light, which then went brighter than bulbs can usually go. With this extra exposure, Claude was not nearly as invisible anymore. Jasper with his vampire sight, could see just as fine as if Claude was not invisible, and easily saw Claude.

Jasper pounced, just as the maple door was blasted open with enough force to kill 15 kittens. Claude danced out of the way and ran through the door pushing his way past the FBI, who had chosen to arrive at the worst possible moment.

As Claude left the building, he heard the screams of the FBI men, who were being devoured by Jasper, and cut open by Sylar.


01 February 2009 @ 11:15 pm
OK, folks, here we go....

I haven't been able to come up with a suitable award image certificate for these, so if anyone else wants to, feel free to jump in...
And the Mafia '08 Awards Winners are:

Special One-time Only Category:

Name for the Awards

There were a pair of nice write-ins for this one -- the "Golden Lynches" or "The Petrellis" (the latter submitted by the person who actually had submitted the losing "official" nominee) -- but there was a clear-cut favorite in the voting, so the annual Mafia Year-End Awards will henceforth be known as the...

Mafia '08 Awards

(We'll see how that works next year :)

Category 3: Mod Or Player (Or Everyone Involved) Awards

Best moment:

No contest here... it's seffina and Mylla for The video (Sorry, it's not actually there right now. Talk to seff.)
Worst moment:

Again, not even close... it's the infamous Great Wank

Best WTF moment:

emjay1116, in MarkHB's round when she pretended she was a protected rogue so they lynched 1trackmind instead.

Worst WTF moment:

Proving it wasn't just bad, it was incomprehensibly bad, this award also goes to The Great Wank

Best escape from death:

This was the first one to be a contest, but the award goes to TJ Track99: TJackie from Fox's game, making a claim on a played character, only to be defended by that character's player.

Best nighttime diversion:

Once again, it's it's seffina and Mylla for The Bangela video (Still isn't there).

Most epic day:

This one had to be a shoo-in... with three lynches completed and backed out of before night was called, it could only be The day that never ended!

Category 2: Player Awards

Best Hero (single round):

In a squeaker, this one goes to Fox, as Molly in Six Years Later

Best Villain (single round):

There was a write-in for seffina, as Angela in BratMafia, but the award goes to Autobiography, BladeOfJustice, emjay1116, maskello, and The Mad Maple as the Villains from Heroes Goes to Fenway

Best Ghost:

Again, this one wasn't even close... the award goes to Mylla and seffina

Best Player:

There were two write-in votes in this category: one for seffina, and one for emjay1116. However, we have a clear-cut winner: the Best Player for 2008 goes to Mr Mole!

Category 1: Moderator Awards

Favorite Clue:

Votes here were all over the place, and as a result this was the only tie in the voting... the award goes to both Apples (which I suppose means anyone who ever wrote a clue, since they all pointed to Apple in the end) and KleenexCow for "safe fin" pointing to seffina!

Best Death Scene:

While your humble tabulator has to take some credit for thinking up the means of execution, the winner is ibroketuesday for Lyle and the Stapler of Doom

Best single "episode":

No nominees, no write-ins, the award will be given to the Arizona Cardinals as a consolation prize.

Best storyline:

I am very flattered by this... the award goes to MarkHB and curiousmonkey for Heroes Goes to Fenway.

Best Overall Round:

This one got some write-ins, for KleenexCow and The Mad Maple, but I am elated that the winners are MarkHB and curiousmonkey for Heroes Goes to Fenway!

Best Mod:

There were no nominees, but we had a few write-ins: ButterflyBandit, KleenexCow, and TJ Track99. With the voting split completely evenly, I don't feel right giving out the award, but I will follow a suggestion from the "Anything Else" box....

Anything Else:

There was a special recognition submitted, and it might make a good category next year:

For "Best Strategy" I vote for the communicating team of Cookie and tuesday in Bean's game, I believe. One of them was a healer and the other was a vigilante. Together, they used their powers to investigate, by choosing the same player each night.

1st Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (Heroes Mafia Division):

In lieu of an award for Best Moderator, and in recognition of such comments as...
"...I've noticed that the recent games have been much improved on the few before them, as we're going back to [her] kind of rules," and the fact that she was the one who actually introduced this game to the TWoP Heroes community (possibly accellerating the onset of the current recession due to decreased worker productivity worldwide), we happily present this award to ButterflyBandit! Especially since these awards are far, far cooler than getting shout-outs from Jack Coleman.

That's our show everybody, stay tuned for your local news except on the West Coast, thank you and good night!
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This is the thread for discussing the awards, should anyone wish to!

Polls will be open until midnight US Eastern time February 1. Final results will be posted following the East Coast broadcast of Heroes on Feb. 2, unless the groundhog sees his shadow that morning in which case either they will be posted on March 21, or we will rerun the whole poll until we get it right.

Once again, special thanks go to keeptrying03 and RebelliousAngel for all their help with the research!
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Poll #1330199 Heroes Mafia Year-End Awards Part III:Mod Or Player (Or Everyone Involved) Awards
This poll is closed.

Best moment:

seffina and Mylla: The video (Sorry, it's not actually there right now. Talk to seff.)
Write-In (add comment in "Anything Else" space)

Worst WTF moment:

TJ track99 living for how many days in Bratnumber3's round after he was outed.

Best nighttime diversion:

The Bangela video (Still isn't there).
GHOSTLY STORIES (including the video) (Sorry, I couldn't really find this one)

Most epic day:

TJ track99's many deaths (this was in Brat's round, but I'm not sure it counts as a single day)

Anything Else / Space for Write-Ins:

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